Stoves built Heron
Stoves built Heron
Stoves built Heron
Completely in stainless steel with natural gas predisposition or Gas
Standard safety thermocouple that is activated in case of accidental gas flame.
Low gas consumption.
Guaranteed 10 Years
With standard connection kit
With the built-in series you can create a kitchen at will from the barbecue in the kitchen cashed in any work plan.

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Built-in cookers

Airone Barbecue

The built-in series offers the possibility to build a custom kitchen. Perfectly integrable on a work surface, the Inlay Plate maintains unaltered features. Grill Heron offers this range of built-in cookers with LPG or methane nozzles. Built-in cookers are the ideal solution for those who want to design their own masonry kitchen in the garden or inside. Perfectly integrated with stone or marble worktops. Combined with built-in barbecue and customizable with useful accessories.

526,50 €   585,00 € VAT included